The Queen Is Dead but Her Courts Live On

While searching for cases in Saskatchewan, I came across this CanLII entry:

Duzan v. Glaxosmithkline, Inc., 2009 SKQB 230

Court of King’s Bench for Saskatchewan — Saskatchewan

2009-06-16 | 3 pages | cited by 4 documents

designated — defence — expires without it being delivered — application — time

There are others; I don’t know how many.

In 2009, the court was the Court of Queen’s Bench, and its name was not retroactively changed on Her Majesty’s death; the effect of her death is prospective only.

I have no idea what CanLII did to cause this change to be made. I hope this and other similar changes will be reversed.


  1. Interesting. I see that there are now two KB decisions listed for Saskatchewan in 2009 (, but in fact they are cases from the 1920s, when the Court was indeed the SKKB ( and Not sure whey they are listed with dates from 2009. However, I note that they have CanLII citations, not neutral citations. It seems the case you mentioned, Angela, has been fixed (

    There do seem to be other instances of this problem on CanLII. See, for example, 2022 ABKB 617, which was released in June ( There are also a few New Brunswick cases where CanLII citations are used (not neutral citations) and there is an error re: QB/KB (e.g., and