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Each Monday we present brief excerpts of recent posts from five of Canada’s award­-winning legal blogs chosen at random* from more than 80 recent Clawbie winners. In this way we hope to promote their work, with their permission, to as wide an audience as possible.

This week the randomly selected blogs are 1. Legal Post Blog 2. The Trauma-Informed Lawyer 3. NSRLP 4. Family Health Law Blog 5. The Lean Law Firm

Legal Post Blog
Devil is in the details for resource project developers in wake of landmark cumulative treaty rights decision

An historic agreement between B.C. and the Blueberry River First Nation could spell greater certainty for proponents of development projects on treaty lands throughout the country. The Blueberry River First Nations Implementation Agreement, signed in January, was a response to last year’s B.C. Supreme Court judgment in the case of Yahey v. British Columbia. …

The Trauma-Informed Lawyer
Am I Safe with You?

Myrna discusses why psychological safety is an imperative in all our relationships and invites listeners to prioritize the same. She also shares a recent experience where no safety was present or promised, as well as, an entirely different experience with a group of Indigenous people who knew exactly how to hold a safe space for her and each other. …

A Brave New Virtual World?

In Access to Justice research, there is now a recognition that innovation and reform require input from a variety of stakeholders. This includes not only the justice system’s insiders, but its users as well. This acknowledgment has, in turn, shaped research initiatives aimed at tackling the crisis in Access to Justice. Essentially, to fix the problem, it is important to understand how the problem is experienced by actual users and what would help those experiencing the problem. …

Family Health Law Blog
What happens after you sign the surrogacy agreement?

The contract is drafted. The surrogate has received independent legal advice (ILA). The intended parents and surrogate have signed the surrogacy agreement. Now what? Our video explans the next stage of the surrogacy agreement process. …

The Lean Law Firm
E173: The Top Three Ways to Optimize Your Law Firm’s Intake Process

We’ve talked a lot lately about the intake process. It’s the first touch point potential clients have with your firm. Think of it like your front door. Unless your front door is open and welcoming (with that all-important screen door) you won’t have clients – and without clients, you will fail. …



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