Tips Tuesday: Quick Reference Legislation in Your Browser

Today’s Tips Tuesday is a little trick that I use to save myself time when I need to reference a statute quickly. I use CanLII for the majority of my legal research and for all of my statute referencing. Instead of navigating to CanLII’s home page each time and searching the statute, I use bookmarks instead.

In my browser’s toolbar, I created a Legislation folder and have bookmarked all of the statutes that I might need to reference in my practice. For me this list includes:

  • Alberta King’s Printer
  • Alberta Rules of Court
  • Civil Enforcement Act
  • Condominium Property Act
  • Employment Standards Code
  • Estate Administration Act
  • Land Titles Act
  • Law of Property Act
  • Limitations Act
  • Municipal Government Act
  • Personal Property Security Act
  • Powers of Attorney Act
  • Provincial Court Civil Procedure Regulation
  • Residential Tenancies Act
  • Societies Act
  • Surrogate Rules
  • Wills and Succession Act

Each time I find myself working with a statue more often, or it’s a novel statute that I might forget about at a later date (or may come in handy later) I’ll also bookmark it.

I also have a Court tab where I link the QB Civil Forms, Surrogate Forms, and Provincial Court Forms (now the Alberta Court of Justice).

-Charlene Scheffelmair


  1. Melanie Bueckert

    Thanks for the tip, Charlene. I’m sure this is self-evident, but folks should be sure to use CanLII’s “Link to the latest version” option, assuming they want their bookmarks to be automatically updated when there are changes made to the legislation.

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