Is Using AI for Marketing Content Cheating?

ChatGTP has been making headlines as one of the “smartest” chatbots on the market. It is easy to use and free to use. Simply come up with a topic or have it come up with one for you based on what is trending then sit back and let ChatGTP draft your next article. If it is that easy should lawyers be using it when developing marketing content?

In reality, no, lawyers or anyone that is creating legal content should not be using AI exclusively. ChatGTP has not passed a bar exam after all so it cannot provide legal advice or develop legal marketing content which should always be done in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. However, the ability to build awareness, establish credibility, and generate ideas could be supported through the use of AI.

Often lawyers get caught coming up with a new topic to write about. This is where AI can be very helpful by asking it a question. Even if you don’t find a result you want to write about, it can help you by suggesting topics that may provide inspiration. Using ChatGPT to generate ideas for blog posts, social media updates, or other content that showcase your expertise isn’t cheating and may even help you identify what is trending.

Another way where AI is helpful is in making content that is easy to understand. Lawyers love to use big words and complicated legalese (some even throw in some Latin when they can). Unfortunately, that is the least effective way to get their message across to the intended audience. If you don’t have a communications person available to help, using a bot to rework content in a simplified way is one way to keep the audience engaged.

AI can be used to create content from content. For example, use a transcription tool to take your video content and make it into a new blog post. The content will need editing but that is a smaller chore than creating something new.

ChatGPT and other AI tools can be useful for generating content ideas and even initial drafts. However, lawyers should be cautious and exercise their legal expertise and ethical considerations when using it to create marketing content. AI has come a long way, and it’s finally becoming mainstream. Knowing how to use it will be to your advantage before your competition figures it out.

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