Tips Tuesday: Save Your Closed Brower Tabs

Ever closed a browser tab accidentally and been unable to find it again? Sure, you could try to go through your browser history to attempt to locate it, but if you’re like me you likely keep your tabs open for days (sometimes weeks) at a time making a search through your history futile.

There are two ways that you can recover closed tabs. The methods vary between browsers and therefore, these tips will apply to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome (sorry Microsoft Edge users!). The first method is to “Recover Last Session” or review “Recently Closed”.

In Google Chrome:

  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner of your browser
  • Click on “History”
  • Look under “Recently Closed” – the tab you want to recover should appear here

In Mozilla Firefox

  • Click the three lines in the upper right corner of your browser
  • Click on “History”
  • Look under “Recently Closed Tabs” or “Recently Closed Windows” – the tab or window you want to recover should appear here
  • As an added bonus, Firefox allows you to completely restore your previous browsing session (for instance, if your computer unexpectedly restarted) and this will re-open all of the tabs you had open the last time you had your browser open

The other method you can use is CTRL + SHIFT + T. Right after you’ve closed the tab that you didn’t want to close, use your keyboard to press CTRL + SHIFT + T all at the same time and it will re-open that tab that you didn’t intend to close. If you closed several tabs, press the sequence as many times as you have tabs that you want to re-open. The keyboard shortcut is the same for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

-Charlene Scheffelmair (cscheffy11)

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