Introducing a Dashboard for the Canadian Legal Problems Survey Results

I am happy to share a newly created dashboard to facilitate navigation of the results from the Canadian Legal Problems Survey. You can access the dashboard here. It is designed to allow you to explore the data to better understand what legal problems Canadians experience, how they respond, and how demographic variables correspond to legal problems. The data is pulled from the Canadian Legal Problems Survey Public Use Microdata File (PUMF), which is available from the Statistics Canada website.

There is also an auxiliary app to assist in navigating the code book, which provides supporting materials on the survey design and definitions.

The dashboard was coded by Andrew Wong, a data scientist in Vancouver, BC. Andrew started his career as a cell biologist and is now focused on data science to further his passion for understanding complex systems. You can find his portfolio at

The code is available on GitHub. Andrew also wrote a technical blog post that gives more information about the project.

We hope you find the dashboard interesting.

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