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Each Monday we present brief excerpts of recent posts from five of Canada’s award­-winning legal blogs chosen at random* from more than 80 recent Clawbie winners. In this way we hope to promote their work, with their permission, to as wide an audience as possible.

This week the randomly selected blogs are 1. Barry Sookman 2. Risk Management & Crisis Response 3. Law of Work 4. National Magazine 5. David Whelan

Barry Sookman
Government proposals to amend CPPA and AIDA: the good, the bad, and the challenges ahead Part 1

In response to criticisms about Bill C-27, the Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2022, and especially criticisms related to AIDA, the Government disclosed amendments it proposes to make while the Bill is before the INDU Committee. This blog focuses on the proposed amendments and, in particular, the areas where the Minister’s proposed amendments have helped to move the Bill in the right direction or have failed to address or failed adequately to address criticisms of the Bill. …

Risk Management & Crisis Response
World Bank debarment of engineering consulting firm underscores importance of compliance in public procurement

Businesses that fail to comply with relevant legal and regulatory obligations face a multitude of risks – legal, reputational, and economic. These risks, and the compliance obligations associated with them, are heightened for companies such as those in the construction, defence, infrastructure, and technology industries that routinely work with government. Companies must tailor and strengthen their internal compliance processes to keep up with the high standards expected of them when dealing with the public sector, or risk getting left out entirely. …

Law of Work
Much Ado About Nothing in Tax Law Treatment of “General Damages”

A recent article by a high-profile Toronto employment lawyer has caused quite a stir in the legal community, suggesting that a common practice among members of the employment bar is ‘a dirty little secret’ that is ‘pretty close to tax fraud.’ That’s simply not the case. As a result of recent changes to Canada Revenue Agency requirements, in certain circumstances the settlement of employment claims may now need to be proactively reported to CRA. However, this doesn’t fundamentally change the principles guiding lawyers in advising their clients in the context of settling employment-related claims. …

National Magazine
Trudeau names Justice Mary Moreau to Supreme Court

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has tapped Justice Mary T. Moreau of Alberta for the Supreme Court of Canada. Her nomination would fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Russell Brown in June, and swing the gender balance on the Supreme Court for the first time in favour of women.”For the first time in its 148-year history, and 41 years after the Honorable Bertha Wilson became the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada, a majority of women will be sitting on the bench of the highest court in our judicial system, …

David Whelan
Sunset for the Work Phone

I had to travel recently and unexpectedly, which always creates a bit of turmoil. Did I put an out-of-office email up? What about my phone? Did I feed the budgie? I left my laptop behind—on purpose—and tried an Android tablet and Bluetooth keyboard combination I hadn’t tried in awhile. It actually worked out pretty well even for Microsoft Office apps, which is a story for another time. But while the remote work settled in for the week or so I was doing it, I completely forgot about my office phone. And it completely forgot about me. …


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