Tips Tuesday: Monitor Websites Using VisualPing

If you need to monitor changes to a website, one option is VisualPing

VisualPing allows you to monitor either visual changes or changes to the text; if you’re monitoring text, you can limit alerts to when specific keywords are added or deleted. You can also specify the degree of the changes (e.g. “tiny (1%)” or “gigantic (50%)” which, depending on the frequency of changes to the page, can be extremely helpful.

Screenshot of VisualPing

If the website you are monitoring requires specific actions to retrieve information (e.g. fill in a form or click on a button), VisualPing has the ability to do so:

VisualPing also allows you to choose the frequency of notifications, although if you have opted for the free versions you will be limited to “daily” as the most frequent option.

Susannah Tredwell

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