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About Karim Benyekhlef and Nicolas Vermeys

Karim Benyekhlef is the director of the Centre de recherche en droit public (since 2006) and professor at the Faculty of Law, Université de Montréal since 1989. He is also director of the CyberJustice Laboratory. Karim launched the first mediation and arbitration online platform in 1998 (CyberTribunal), directed the ECODIR project (Electronic Consumer Dispute Resolution) and developed with American colleagues the eResolution platform to solve domain name disputes (1999-2002).

Nicolas Vermeys is a professor at the Université de Montréal’s Faculty of Law where he teaches ecommerce and information security. He also serves as the associate director of the Cyberjustice Laboratory. Nicolas is a certified information system security professional (CISSP) and a member of the Quebec Bar.

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