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From time to time Slaw publishes posts by guest bloggers. The author will be identified at the start of the entry, and some biographical material will be available at its end.

Posts by Guest Blogger

Why We Need a Canada Trade Secrets Act

by Matt Malone

Trial Advocacy Training Online? Successful Pilot Creates New Possibilities

by Trevor C.W. Farrow and Victoria Watkins

Community-Based Access to Justice: Impact and Opportunity

by Julie Mathews

How to Bring an Urgent Application at the B.C. Supreme Court While the Courthouses Are Closed

by William G. MacLeod Q.C. and Kate Gower

#LegalAidMatters – What Are You Going to Do About It?

by John Gillis

What the Law Society Should Be Doing: Standing Up to Tyranny

by M. Eberts, H. J. Ross, N. Otten