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About Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter is a marketing and communication executive with 20+ years experience including 15+ with professional service firms. He has been responsible for marketing, brand development and communications for Canadian and international organizations being asked to push market strategy while ensuring the skills are available to operationally execute on the plan. One of his unique skills is the ability to communicate, understand situations and develop clear and definitive solutions. As a marketer, Mark does his part to make the experience of clients uniquely special to them while building a narrative for organizations that drives all aspects of strategy; taking on challenges and turning them into profits.

Mark believes in a strength based approach that strives for continuous improvement that stretches people while providing strong process, tools and accountability. Through this approach he has gained significant skills in building and re-building teams, developing professionals, coaching and mentoring using a thoughtful approach that ultimately improves performance of individuals and profitability of the company.

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