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45th Annual CIAJ Conference: Indigenous Peoples and the Law

From November 17-19, 2021, the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice (CIAJ) will hold a national conference which focuses on “Indigenous Peoples and the Law.”

This event will take place in person in Vancouver and online (though in-person registration has sold out).

The conference will be welcoming some thirty speakers, among which many representatives of Indigenous Peoples across Canada and key players in the justice system. The conference will explore the current state and future of the self-government of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Vital to the discussion will be the issues of the decolonization of legal institutions, . . . [more]

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FACL BC Presents “but I Look Like a Lawyer” Documentary November 5th on Zoom!

Update: The documentary video is now available (and embedded below!)

But I Look Like a Lawyer from FACL BC on Vimeo.

The Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers of British Columbia (FACL BC) would like to invite all members of the legal community, whether you are a law student, senior member of the bar or a member of the judiciary, to attend the premiere of our documentary, But I Look Like a Lawyer, on November 5th, 2021 at 12:30pm (PST) on Zoom.

FACL BC is a diverse coalition of legal professionals established in 2011. We are an . . . [more]

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Taking Your Oral Advocacy Skills to the Next Level

To be an effective advocate, you must not only be highly skilled in specific and substantive areas of the law, but you must also ensure that you are able to advocate your case competently and confidently. You must also be adept at making sound, strategic decisions and are able to think on your feet when called upon. These skills are not perfected overnight.

Over 40 years, Osgoode has trained more than 4,500 Canadian litigators on essential oral advocacy skills in our Intensive Trial Advocacy Workshop (ITAW). However, effective oral advocacy is a skill that requires constant refinement and practice and . . . [more]

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Civil Procedure and Practice in Ontario: A New, Comprehensive and Free Guide

Noel Semple, General Editor

The free access to law movement has made impressive strides in 30 years. It is now taken for granted that all primary law and most reasons for decision are freely available online. In Canada, CanLII has been at the forefront of this movement. Funded by Canadian lawyers, CanLII first developed a thorough and free database of statutes, regulations, and decisions. More recently it has expanded into the realm of legal commentary.

Plenty of lawyers are willing to write first-rate content for free — as Slaw has proved. Assuming that the resources necessary for editing and . . . [more]

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Legal Services in Ontario

Can you spare 10 minutes to help researchers understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on access to legal services and its effects on the legal profession in Ontario?

A team at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law at Ryerson University is studying how the pandemic has affected legal clinics, law associations, law firms (lawyers, practitioners, paralegals, etc.), and other legal entities.

The purpose of the study is to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on access to legal services and in particular, how the changing circumstances have affected civil law firms, including their key performance indicators, revenue, costs, . . . [more]

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Updates and New Additions to CanLII’s Slaw Ebook Collection

Spring greetings!

Following up on an announcement we made in November of 2019, CanLII and are proud to announce the addition of 14 new ebooks to CanLII’s commentary collection. The series now encompasses 27 ebooks that feature legal writing on a variety of subjects.

Each ebook contains a set of selected columns from a contributor that have been edited and formatted for display on CanLII:

. . . [more]
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Remembering and Paying Tribute to Joseph J. Arvay QC, OC, OBC, LLD

Reflections by Gerry Ferguson, distinguished professor, faculty of Law at the University of Victoria.

Joe Arvay was a good friend to many of us and a shining star in our legal universe. When I think of Joe, I cannot get Elton John’s tribute song to Princess Diana (and Norma Jean) out of my head – “his candle burnt out long before his legend ever will.” Joe died of a sudden heart attack while still in full flight at age 71. Joe was viewed by many as Canada’s pre-eminent legal advocate for the civil rights and liberties of us all, . . . [more]

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Where Law, Information, and Technology Meet

 “I think it’s fantastic that there is a university program in Canada dealing with E-Discovery, as education in this area is severely lacking. It’s a difficult area to come to grips with. The Osgoode program covers more than just E-Discovery, it also delves into the areas of information governance and privacy which are very important in every E-Discovery matter.”

Ann Halkett CEDS, Manager, eDiscovery Services, Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP, Vancouver

We live in an information age, and the practice of law is built on information. Rapid advances in technology means that the volume of data being generated is . . . [more]

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Lexum Seeks Beta Users for New Lexbox Premium

Calling all Lexbox power users!

Lexum announced today that it’s looking for beta testers to try out the new Lexbox Premium service. These early adopters will get to use the service for free until the official launch; this includes up to 100 alert feeds and 5GB of storage (with more available if needed), 3rd party integration, unlimited search and hyperlinking in your documents, unlimited history and more.

See Lexum’s announcement for more details and to sign up for your beta user account. . . . [more]

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Top Ten Accessed Cases on CanLII From 2020

Reaching December means that it’s time to look at the year in review and share what most interested you in the preceding twelve months through the lens of what court decisions you were all reading. 2020 feels like it’s been a year like no other, but there are things that have been constant and Canadians accessing case law via CanLII has been one of them.

That said, there are four current cases on the top ten list this year, compared to three in 2019, and none in 2018. It seems this is because of a break with prior . . . [more]

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New Approach to Family Disputes in Surrey & Victoria, British Columbia

The British Columbia Provincial Court is implementing a new regime for resolving family law disputes beginning this week. The new regime involves making dispute resolution the first step in the court process. The BC court announcement states that: “The early resolution model includes new, simpler forms and procedural changes that help set a collaborative tone. For example, instead of making their first appearance in a busy, adversarial courtroom, people attend a family management conference with a judge as the first step in court proceedings”. This new model is being implemented first in the regions of Surrey and Victoria, BC.

I . . . [more]

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Cheifetz, Apportionment of Fault (1981) – PDF Available

Apportionment of Fault In Tort (1981) – David Cheifetz

An unrestricted PDF of Cheifetz, Apportionment of Fault in Tort is now available. The text has been out of print for about 2 decades.

The “price”, for Canadian purchasers, will be a donation of CDN $20 to either the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children or the Vancouver Children’s Hospital. Purchasers from other countries should chose a suitable children’s hospital or equivalent in their jurisdictions.

If you want the PDF: Send a request to me at with a copy of the donation confirmation and the email address to which you want . . . [more]

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