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Do You Know Your Firm’s DNA?

A desire to redo my living room has caused me to become addicted to reality TV programs involving design. And to prove that you can learn about business from virtually anywhere, here is an important lesson I learned from “Making the Cut” (if you can believe it).

“Making the Cut” is a clothing design contest that begins with a number of accomplished, talented designers and through competition, whittles them down to two or three finalists. These compete in a full runway show where they must present an entire collection, this last task generally undertaken in a three-day period.

Judges can . . . [more]

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Has AI Made Content Marketing Less Relevant?

As new technologies change how we create content, they also change how we absorb information. While content marketing is a significant tool to build relationships and create an online presence, what technology has changed, and we need to be in front of, is the way audiences consume content and the value that is added. More so than ever, clients expect more dynamic forms of communication that deliver meaningful interactions.

How we generate and share content has evolved from the early days of writing articles for newsletters and magazines to interactive publications with podcasts, webinars, live-streaming events, and virtual reality experiences. . . . [more]

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What Law Firms Can Learn From Plagues

You might have heard of the online game, World of Warcraft. It has 8 million players in any given month. On September 13, 2005, the game became infected with a blood plague. It was started intentionally by the game designers and was to have been restricted to a particular area of the game. But somehow, it got out and in no time, was killing off everything in site, including characters that players might have spent years building up.

The game developers and members of the community attempted to slow the spread by warning other players to avoid certain areas of . . . [more]

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Marketing Your Boutique Firm

At a recent legal awards gala, one of the categories that caught my attention was the boutique law firm of the year. As we know, a boutique firm focuses on a specific area of practice, such as intellectual property, tax, or environmental law. Unlike firms that offer a wide range of legal services, boutique law firms provide a more narrow and specialized area of expertise.

The part that caught my attention was the scale of the firms up for the award. Firms ranged in size from under three lawyers to firms with over 100 lawyers. The focus of the award . . . [more]

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Is Using AI for Marketing Content Cheating?

ChatGTP has been making headlines as one of the “smartest” chatbots on the market. It is easy to use and free to use. Simply come up with a topic or have it come up with one for you based on what is trending then sit back and let ChatGTP draft your next article. If it is that easy should lawyers be using it when developing marketing content?

In reality, no, lawyers or anyone that is creating legal content should not be using AI exclusively. ChatGTP has not passed a bar exam after all so it cannot provide legal advice or . . . [more]

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How Do We Stop the Churn?

This is the second of a two-part series regarding Associate churn. My earlier post focussed on the Associate. This one focuses on the law firm.

The other day, an international client of mine thinking about re-entering the Canadian marketplace asked me why there was so little loyalty in Canadian law firms these days. He was referring to the amount of lawyer churn in most law firms. I don’t believe this issue is limited to Canadian firms, but the question made me think back over my past 30+ years in law firms and how things have changed.

What’s the Value

. . . [more]
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Client Development Trends

Marketers can move very quickly, embracing change, and often need to drag lawyers kicking and screaming. There are a number of trends that have evolved over the past few years that continue to have prominence in the industry. Firms that embrace them are moving further ahead of the rest.

  1. Content marketing
    This is still a great way to get your name out and the benefits are many. However, if your clients don’t have time to read long case updates, give them a short highlight video instead.
  2. Social
    Use social as a client retention tool, highlight what your clients are doing
. . . [more]
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Striving for Excellence

I have always looked beyond our industry to see what is working in other industries and if there are ways to incorporate their ideas into our practice. Often this means considering other professional services industries but I find that looking beyond what may seem like a natural connection can provide surprising opportunities.

With that let me say, I have been Formula One fan for a long time and it recently struck me just how similar law firms are to F1.

There are 10 teams in F1, with each falling into one of three distinct groups. The leading teams (Red Bull, . . . [more]

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It’s Time to Create Your 2023 Personal Plan

Typically, lawyers work from 40 – 80 hours per week. If they are able to bill out 2/3rds of that time, they are lucky (or organized). But it could be better. The difference between billed work and the rest of that time is often wasted or at least under-utilized time. That’s because most lawyers don’t have a clear sense of what they want to achieve in a year, a month, a weak, a day. They might know generally, but wishes don’t move mountains. Plans do.

As a lawyer coach, I NEVER forget that time a lawyer spends working, learning, marketing . . . [more]

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A Managing Partner’s Perspective on Legal Marketing

“I think it’s exciting. Marketing is exciting. Lawyers must embrace it.”
– Tom Curry, Managing Partner, Lenczner Slaght

For legal marketers, building strong, trusted relationships with partners and management is vital to a thriving career. If you’re lucky, you might even work at a firm with a savvy Managing Partner who understands the power of building a dynamic legal marketing function.

Tom Curry is the Managing Partner at my firm, Lenczner Slaght. When I first met Tom, I was immediately impressed by his knowledge and passion for marketing and business development. Tom is a legal marketer’s dream. He is . . . [more]

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Adding Video to Your Business Development

Video can be an absolute game changer in your business development arsenal. It provides the same benefits of developing great written content while allowing users to feel a connection with you as a person. It’s versatile, fun, informative and shareable on so many platforms.

If there is one thing that the pandemic has done, it has made people more comfortable on camera. Whether it is Zoom, Teams or Google Meet, we are more comfortable seeing each other on video now than ever before. When done right, video can capture the attention and understanding of your target audience in under two . . . [more]

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The Myth Busting Legal Marketing Program

“Simple ideas are easier to understand. Ideas that are easier to understand are repeated.
Ideas that are repeated change the world.”
– Simon Sinek, Author & Speaker

There are a lot of things I love about working at a small law firm. Access to lawyers and senior leaders is more frequent, building relationships with everyone across the firm is actually achievable, and getting real-time insights into the practice of law happens daily. But for me, the main feature has been the ability to implement simple ideas, that demonstrate my experience and expertise, quickly and effectively.

If you are a sole . . . [more]

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