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The Thomas Cromwell Pages

cromwell.pngMr. Justice Thomas A. Cromwell of the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal has been nominated by Prime Minister Harper to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court of Canada. The Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs has not yet put together a website on Mr. Justice Cromwell, as it did for the last Supreme Court nominee, Mr. Justice Rothstein.

Slaw is doing research into Mr. Justice Cromwell’s professional background and will continue to edit and expand these pages as more information becomes available about this most recent nominee for appointment to our highest court.

  • the buzz — Get the latest news, or read some important commentary on the blogs over the last 24 hours | the last week
  • The Selection process — history and debate
  • 10 things Mr. Justice Cromwell will add to the Court
  • the ad hoc committee — who? what? when? TBA some time after October 14…
  • writing — A list of books, articles and other writing by Mr. Justice Cromwell
  • Judgments — A list of cases decided by Mr. Justice Cromwell (mostly hyperlinked to the judgment)
  • Bookmarks — Links to pages on the web that you think are interesting and relevant. Post your links to your account and tag them thecromwellpages. They’ll appear on this Bookmarks page.

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