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Ted Tjaden: Access to Law-Related Information in Canada in the Digital Age

Ted Tjaden, Access to Law-Related Information in Canada in The Digital Age (LL.M. Thesis, 2005, University of Toronto, Faculty of Law)

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Abstract and Introduction
Chapter 1: Access to Law-Related Information as a Fundamental Right
Chapter 2: Complexity as a Factor Inhibiting Access to the Law in Canada
Chapter 3: The Market for Law-Related Information in Canada: The History
of Legal Publishing in Canada
Chapter 4: The Impact of Crown Copyright on Access to Law-Related
Chapter 5: The Shrinking Information Commons and Private Control of
Public Goods: The Commercialization of the Internet
Chapter 6: Thirty Years Later: The 1975 Access to the Law Study and the
Role of Major Players in Providing Access to the Law
Conclusions and Recommendations