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The Thomas Cromwell Pages – Books, Articles & Other Writing


Set out below is a selected list of books and articles written by Mr. Justice Cromwell:


  • Thomas A. Cromwell, ed., Effective Written Advocacy (Aurora, ON: Canada Law Book, 2008)

  • Thomas A. Cromwell (with Bryan Finlay), Witness Preparation Manual, 2d ed. (Aurora, ON: Canada Law Book, 1999)

  • Thomas A. Cromwell, contribution to Robert A Sharpe, Injunctions and Specific Performance (Aurora, ON: Canada Law Book, 1998-)

  • Thomas A. Cromwell (with Hélène Dumont and Danielle Pinard), eds., Human Rights in the 21st Century: Prospects, Institutions and Processes (Montréal: Éditions Thémis, 1997)

  • Thomas A. Cromwell and A.M. Austin, eds., Preparation of Factums (Aurora, ON: Canada Law Book, 1996)

  • Thomas A. Cromwell (with Bryan Finlay), Witness Preparation Manual, 2d ed. (Aurora, ON: Canada Law Book, 1991)

  • Thomas A. Cromwell (with W.H.R. Charles and Keith Jobson), Evidence and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Toronto, ON: Butterworths, 1989)

  • Thomas A. Cromwell, Locus Standi: A Commentary on the Law of Standing in Canada (Toronto, ON: Carswell, 1986)

Selected Articles and Chapters

  • Thomas A. Cromwell, “Winning Appellate Advocacy: Writing to Win Eight Tips from a Fish to the Anglers” (Nov. 2006) Pitblado Lect. VII-1:VII-20

  • Thomas A. Cromwell, “Appellate Review: Policy and Pragmatism” (Nov. 2006) Pitblado Lect. V-1:V-25

  • Thomas A. Cromwell, Bruce S. Outhouse and Annette M. Boucher “Views from the Bench and Bar: Tribunal Appeals” (Appeal Court Practice Seminar Series, Barristers’ Society Nova Scotia) (October 2003)

  • Thomas A. Cromwell, “Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms” in Joel E. Pink and David C. Perrier, eds., From Crime to Punishment, 4th ed.(Scarborough, ON: Carswell, 1999)

  • Thomas A. Cromwell and Brian Stephens, “Judicial Conduct Processes for Provincially Appointed Judges: A Preliminary Assessment” (Spring 1998) 22 Prov. Judges J. No. 1, 6-38

  • Thomas A. Cromwell, “Traditional Systems Under Review” (1997) Pitblado Lect. 1-19

  • Thomas A. Cromwell, “The Court and the Media Putting the Relationship into Media Relations” (presented to Canadian Association of Provincial Court Judges Conference Sept. 12, 1995 at Moncton, NB) (Fall 1995) 19 Prov. Judges J. No. 3, 21-28

  • Thomas A. Cromwell, “Prior Misconduct and the Determination of Penalty” (1992) Lab. Arbit. Y.B. 127-142

  • Thomas A. Cromwell, “Hearsay Refresher and Update” in Advocacy ’89 (Halifax: Continuing Legal Education Society of Nova Scotia, 1989)

  • Thomas A. Cromwell, “‘Neither out Far nor in Deep’: The Zuber Commission and the Problems of Civil Justice Reform” (1988) 37 U.N.B. L.J. 94-110

  • Thomas A. Cromwell, “From Trilogy to Quartet” (1987) 7 Windsor Y.B. Access Justice 103-117 (Case commentary on Canada (Minister of Finance) v. Finlay (1987), 33 D.L.R. (4th) 321)

  • Thomas A. Cromwell, “Annotation – R. v. Burge (1987), 55 C.R. (3d) 131” (1987) 55 C.R. (3d) 131-133.

  • Thomas A. Cromwell and A. Wayne MacKay, “Oakes in the Supreme Court: A Cautious Initiative Unimpeded by Old Ghosts” (1986) 50 C.R. (3d) 34

  • R. v. Potts [comments] 8 Queen’s L.J. 285 (1982-1983)

  • Habeas Corpus and Correctional Law – An Introduction [article] 3 Queen’s L.J. 295 (1976-1977)

  • Aspects of Constitutional Judicial Review in Canada [article] 46 S. C. L. Rev. 1027 (1994-1995)

  • Parole Committals and Habeas Corpus [article] 8 Ottawa L. Rev. 560 (1976)

  • Examination of the Ontario Law Reform Commission Report on Class Actions, An [article] 15 Ottawa L. Rev. 587 (1983)

  • Canada: Changing Priorities [article] 20 Just. Sys. J. 151 (1998-1999)

The Thomas Cromwell Papers

These papers were collected by Mr. Justice Thomas Cromwell between 1990 and 1997 during his research and development work with the CBA Task Force on Court Reform and the CBA Systems of Civil Justice Task Force. There is a list of the works collected on the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice Archives site.

Thomas Cromwell wrote the following in the course of his work with these bodies:

  • Thomas A. Cromwell, Some thoughts on court reform Canadian Bar Association. Court Reform Task Force, September 1990.

  • Thomas A. Cromwell, Toward a unified criminal court? Canadian Bar Association. Court Reform Task Force, December 1990.