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A Clementi Symposium at Georgetown Law

News is slowly trickling out on the web, see Riskin and Gratsch, about a symposium at Georgetown Law on the topic of Publicly Traded Law firms in the US. (Bruce MacEwan’s post, one of the key participants, details included…).

Taking place on Apr. 3 & 4, 2008, and titled “The Future of the Global Law Firm,” the discussion will address Sir David Clementi’s Report of the Review of the Regulatory Framework for Legal Services in England and Wales, and the potential for these types of reforms in the US legal market.

We have discussed the . . . [more]

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Appearances Are Deceiving

A wit once said that the UK and the US are two countries separated by a common tongue. That comment is equally applicable to aspects of the legal system shared by the US, the UK and Canada. 

What’s below is an example of why it isn’t safe to blithely assume the seemingly similar is similar.

Can anyone imagine untenured Canadian legal academics undertaking a study whose question is: why do motion and trial judges write judgments? Can we assume that admitting that that is what they were working on wouldn’t advance tenure prospects? If they mentioned that to the Dean, . . . [more]

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Web Speed Records Broken

Yesterday at its annual conference, Internet2 announced Internet data transfer speed records had been broken in December. From the article Researchers Break Internet Speed Records at by AP Internet Writer Anick Jesdanun:

A group of researchers led by the University of Tokyo has broken Internet speed records — twice in two days. Operators of the high-speed Internet2 network announced Tuesday that the researchers on Dec. 30 sent data at 7.67 gigabits per second, using standard communications protocols.

The next day, using modified protocols, the team broke the record again by sending data over the same 20,000-mile path at 9.08

. . . [more]
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Agreement Re Transfer of Detainees in Afghanistan

Given the discussion in the Globe and Mail and in Parliament about the Canadian-Afghan arrangment for the transfer of prisoners taken by Canadian troops, I thought readers might be interested in the governing document itself. The Arrangement for the Transfer of Detainees Between the Canadian Forces and the Ministry of Defence of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, between the Canadian Forces and the Minister of Defence of Afghanistan can be found on the website of the Department of National Defence. Perhaps ominously it has thirteen points. . . . [more]

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Printing SCC/Lexum Site Html Judgments – Caution!!!

I’ve stumbled across what seems to be the continuation of an old feature? bug? in the accuracy of the print out-put when printing the html copy from the web. I’ve seen it once. I haven’t tested it on other cases on the SCC site.

It’s the old problem of printing html documents with the print job not corresponding to what was on the screen. 

It’s the problem of indentations in the text, as it appears on the screen – markng quotations rather than using quote marks – vanishing when the job is printed, so one loses track of what was . . . [more]

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See You… in Court?

Sandra Gelsing’s blawg, Now, Why Didn’t I Think of That, has a piece on the tussle between the Canadian Olympic Committee and CAN FUND, a charity raising funds for Olympic athletes. Apparently, the COC claimed a trade mark right to the expressions “See you in Vancouver,” “See you in Torino,” and “See you in Beijing,” all of which CAN FUND felt it owned. The COC played the “public authority” card from s. 9 (“prohibited marks”) of the Trade-marks Act which says,

9. (1) No person shall adopt in connection with a business, as a trade-mark or otherwise, any mark

. . . [more]
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Blawg Review #105

I am proud to be hosting the Blawg Review on my personal blog this coming Monday, April 23rd. Blawg Review has more information, including instructions on how to get your blawg posts reviewed in this upcoming issue.

I have had a few submissions already. Please keep them coming!!! Deadline is tonight at 11:59 Pacific Time. You do need to submit as per the submissions guidelines.

I was selected to host by Ed. in honour of World Book and Copyright Day. So, anything related to this subject particularly welcome.

Connie . . . [more]

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“Improve Your Google Search Experience”

Web History uses the information from your web history or other information you provide us to improve your Google search experience, such as improving the quality of your search results and providing recommendations. In addition to enabling the Web History functionality, the information we collect when you use Web History may be shared among all of our services in order to provide you with a seamless experience and to improve the quality of our services. We will not disclose this information to other companies or individuals, except in the limited circumstances described in our main Google Privacy Policy, or with

. . . [more]
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Computers in Libraries 2007 – a Quick Bite

I attended Computers in Libraries for the first time this week. It was a much larger conference than I expected (2600+), and had a lot more celebrity librarians (yes, there are several) than I expected. I was privileged to meet a number of people whose blogs, papers and tweets I have been following for a while.

The lessons are still sinking in. I came away feeling we have done a good job keeping ahead of the curve here at Slaw in our understanding of new social networking media. The focus at this conference was very much Web 2.0/Library 2.0 (for . . . [more]

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