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Email Under the Microscope

Here’s a novel way of tackling the email problem. Carolin Horn, as part of her MFA work, created a way to view your inbox as though each email was a microbe belonging to one of six families (family and friends, school, job, e-commerce, unclassified, and spam). These critters change their nature depending on their status: unread “anymails” are hairier and more vigourous, as you might suppose. There are a couple of movies that show the wigglers in action here and here.

This wouldn’t be a workable way to manage the e-flood, but it sure would be fun if one . . . [more]

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A Greener Paper

Xerox has come out with a somewhat “greener” paper for your not-yet-paperless-and-probably-never-will-be office. According to the press release, the High Yield Business Paper uses fully 90% of the paper-making tree, as opposed to the typical 45%, and requires less water and fewer chemicals than otherwise. The paper is bright, has good weight and is optimized for digital printing, the only drawback being its unsuitability for long-term archival purposes.

[via ZDNet Between the Lines] . . . [more]

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