BC Legislative Library Closed – for Good?

Here’s the story in the Times-Colonist. A snip:

The B.C. legislature library is closing down indefinitely for a seismic upgrade, and there is widespread concern it won’t reopen.

And here’s a gem from Joan Barton, former head of the library:

“There is no such thing as ‘everything is on the Internet.’ When you say that to a librarian, they’re too polite to say so, but their first thought is: ‘I’m dealing with an idiot.’”


  1. I can’t seem to open the list page…is it private, or has it been pulled?

    Horrible news indeed, Michael!

  2. No more news on this yet.

    The list link works for me, but I’m on campus. Maybe that’s part of the problem. Here’s Serena’s note:

    The Legislative Library in Victoria is closed as of today for seismic upgrading. There seems to be a bit of controversy brewing as to whether the library will open again in its present location — re. at the back of the Legislative Building. For more information, see the article in the Times Colonist at:


    For now, the collection will be boxed and stored in a warehouse in Saanic

  3. We’re aghast here in B.C. Please, everyone, raise a ruckus about this. Email Premier Gordon Campbell at premier@gov.bc.ca. Thanks. :)

  4. This decision taken by the BC government is apt illustration of ignorance in the truest sense of the word. Of course the only way to battle ignorance is through the acquisition of knowledge; which ironically is one of the purposes of a Legislative Library. This decision is, sadly, indicative of the short sighted political leadership that we are currently subject to in this country. I’ve also got a news flash for them, when the big one hits the West Coast they can have “earthquake proofed” (an oxymoron if ever there was one, I’d suggest they go look that up in a dictionary but alas they will soon be boxed up and sent to a government office in Victoria) all they want but it will not make a big difference in downtown Victoria.

  5. The Leg. is built on a high ‘relative hazard rating’ site, according to the Earthquake hazard map available at