Knowledge Ontario Future Directions

Why is a private law librarian from Alberta posting about Knowledge Ontario? Three answers:

  1. Public body collaboration is interesting and in my backyard – Knowledge Ontario is a similar concept to The Alberta Library
  2. There was an event today gathering input to shape the next steps for this excellent collaboration effort
  3. I fell like I was there because of Connie’s Live Twitter feed and the #ko-idea hash tag

What is Knowledge Ontario?

Knowledge Ontario (KO) is a collaboration of libraries, cultural heritage organizations and educational institutions. Its focus is on connecting Ontarians with digital content to support their information and learning needs. KO delivers enhanced services to and through the province’s publicly funded libraries by supporting equity of access to information, creation of digital content, research and literacy.

What is going on now?
Check out the Ning group

How can you feel like you were there?
Search Twitter for #ko-idea and read the excellent 140 character tidbits that popped into the minds of attendees.

Knowledge Ontario is an excellent pattern card to look at for ideas of the next step challenges that evolve out of any successful collaboration project. It is wonderful that technology can allow us to be a ‘fly on the wall’.


  1. Shaunna–thanks so much for talking about this! Knowledge Ontario brought me in as a consultant to help with some of their social networking around this event. In addition to everything you mentioned, we also captured all the tweets, liveblogging and photos on ScribbleLive so people don’t have to hunt for the day’s coverage:

    I’m delighted to hear you found it of interest. When I recuperate I will blog more about it over on one of my blogs.