Digitization of Parliament of Canada Publications

A working paper on the digitization of Canadian parliamentary publications was produced in the spring and posted recently to the Parliamentary Internet site:

The aim of the Working Paper (begun in September 2008) is to provide an overview of:

  • which published papers relating to the operations of Parliament have been digitized;
  • by which organization;
  • where the digitized works are housed;
  • who is permitted access &
  • plans for future digitization.

(…) The goal is to help inform the development of a coherent strategy amongst the various stakeholders to digitize, make available and preserve over the long term, the corpus of Canadian publications relating to the operations of Parliament since 1867.

The paper looks at the availability in digital format of bills, committee reports, Hansard debates, journals of the House and Senate, Order and Notice Papers, Orders of Business, progress of legislation, statutes and regulations and orders-in-council, the Canada Gazette, commissions of inquiry and sessional papers.

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