An American’s Guide to Canada (And How Re Can Laugh at Ourselves and Be Grateful We Are Canadian)

On this Canada Day Holiday, we should all reflect and be thankful for all we have as Canadians. There is nothing like a bit of self-deprecating humour (note the Canadian spelling) to help us all more clearly see what we are and have, and how the rest of the world sees us.

To accomplish this, I refer you all to the American’s Guide to Canada website. While a bit dated (looks like it hasn’t been actively updated in at least 10 years), there is some great content on this site.
First of all, you can start out on the The Canadianisms page. I suspect most Canadians have no idea how many words and phrases we can call our own. And to foreign visitors, even if you can’t get a Canadian accent quite right (on top of having French and English, we have many very distinct regional accents), this page will give you all the words you need to know to speak Canadian, or in the very least, get a waiter to understand what food and drinks you want to order.

The How To Tell You Are In Canada page is also full of practical insights and advice for navigating daily aspects of Canadian life. And for those that might be contemplating a road trip this summer, See the Roadside Attractions page. I can personally vouch that this is a great list having seen several of the listed places, including the flying saucer in Moonbeam, Ontario; the Wawa Goose; the giant nickel in Sudbury; Lake Louise, Alberta; and the Continental divide.

There are also Sports, Media, Academia and a few other sub-pages on the site.

Lastly, without directly bringing up to hot political topics like healthcare and who should be the next U.S. president, there is also a How to Immigrate page.

Enjoy your Canada Day holiday! And a slightly early Happy July 4th to all my American friends.

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