Canadian Judicial Council Launches Sleek New Website

The Canadian Judicial Council has launched a sleek new website. Over the years, the Council has put more and more information online. For some time, there have been links to previous inquiry committee decisions, annual reports and news releases. There is a publications section which is a treasure-trove of information including an interesting Reference Guide for Judges Appointed to Commissions of Inquiry. I’m not sure if the site is just more user-friendly and I discovered hidden information or the CJC has actually posted new material. Either way, one can now find a sample of complaints (anonymized) going back to 1990-91. If I could, I would “like” the CJC on Facebook and follow it on Twitter. But, alas, neither the CJC nor the SCC has yet made the move to Social Media.

Oh yes. There is now a page entirely devoted to materials on the Inquiry regarding the Hon. Lori Douglas in Manitoba. It includes the materials filed by the parties and transcripts of the hearings.

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