Tips Tuesday

Here are excerpts from the most recent tips on SlawTips, the site that each week offers up useful advice, short and to the point, on technology, research and practice.


For a Quick Exit Remember to Use the Escape Key
Dan Pinnington

In the top left corner of most PC and Mac keyboards is the humble and underused Escape key. It is labelled Esc on PC keyboards and esc on Mac keyboards. On both PCs and Macs, pressing the Escape key usually cancels or aborts the current operation. To put it another way . . .


Dead Space
Shaunna Mireau

We all have them – those days where it feels like your imagination shrugs its metaphorical shoulders, gives you an apologetic half-grin, and heads to Fiji. You’re stuck – you can’t engage with your work, or generate new ideas. Douglas Adams described it best: The Long, Dark Tea-time of the Soul. Here are a few tips to help you endure. . . .


Collaboration Law Firm Style, Part Two: Breaking Each Task Down into its Many Parts
David Bilinsky & Garry Wise

Picking up on last week’s post, let us start with a basic assumption – there’s nothing ad hoc about how successful law practice groups collaborate. It takes real planning and repetition to create an optimal, collaborative work-flow routine. Now, by practice group, we don’t necessarily mean anything highfaluting. . . .

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