Introducing Slaw Jobs

I’m pleased to announce a new member of the Slaw family of websites — Slaw Jobs, a Canadian legal job listings service aimed at connecting job seekers with opportunities in the Canadian market.

Since our friend Simon retired in 2014, Slaw hasn’t changed much. There’s good reason for that. Everyone at Stem Legal knows that I take our role as caretaker seriously; and that we are very committed to maintaining Slaw’s culture. So when we started to discuss trying to find a new revenue stream to support the endless hours that we invest here, I wanted to find a direction that was built around substantive content that our readers would be interested in.

So why a job board? My rationale is actually pretty simple.

Slaw has a great audience. That’s our selling point. Our metrics suggest that we’re very well read in almost every corner of the country. I’ve also been asked routinely over the past few years whether we post career opportunities. We haven’t, of course. But those two pieces added up.

I know there are websites like Indeed, Monster, and so forth. I also know from experience the volume of CVs that one must wade through with these tools to find good candidates. Essentially these websites offer a great ‘fire hose’, but very little in terms of filtering.

I also thought about the many fantastic regional job boards that exist across the country — the OBA career centre or Precedent’s A-List, or the ones I’ve been familiar with in the BC market like the BCLMA job board or VALL. That’s where I would put my money if I was recruiting.

Could Slaw be part of that mix? Can we offer a similar connection to a quality audience, and perhaps do so on a national scale? Time will tell. (That’s why we’re considering Slaw Jobs to be in beta mode for now. Our goal is to develop a user-friendly service by starting simple and being open to change.)

One thing I can guarantee is that Slaw will not become a constant stream of job ads. We will feature a single post each Friday that will showcase a bulleted list of links to our active postings. We will also add some graphics and links into the sidebar area, so readers can visit our jobs portal at their convenience.

Helpful and valuable, but not intrusive. That’s what we’re after.

To learn more about how Slaw Jobs works for employers and job seekers, head on over to the About page. I’ll also share some of that info here next week.

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