AALL 2005 Conference Materials Available

The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) has recently posted materials from its 2005 San Antonio conference held in July. PDF files of individual programme materials are available from this page. Unfortunately one has to look at each individual page for each programme to see whether materials are available. If you are impatient, it might be easier to download all 14.8 MB of materials directly by clicking here.

Whither conference materials? As with recent lawyer seminars, the materials produced from this conference are scant, primarily including PowerPoint presentations, session outlines, and bibliographies (this being a library conference after all). Many don’t even have materials posted.

I found a couple more substantive:

C-2 Finding Government Documents Today
D-1 The Great Disappearing Act: Preserving URLS Cited in Judicial Opinions

I didn’t look through everything, so you might find some other treasures should you hunt for them.


  1. For those who are interested, audio tapes or CDs of individual programs can be ordered from MobilTape; click here. It would be nice if AALL would offer the audio via podcasts, wouldn’t it?

  2. Thanks, Jim. I didn’t see that. Yes, podcast might be useful. I’m sure we’ll get there eventually….