Canlii Find — Revisited

It seems that my initial bookmarklet Canlii Find won’t work in IE on Windows (but does in IE on a Mac — which is where I made it). I’ve done another version that should work on IE in the way that the original works in Firefox.

So here they are, renamed for clarity: Canlii Find (IE) and CANLII Find (FF)

Thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming with respect to the new one, too, please.


  1. Cool. Thanks, I thought it was just me. I will give it a whirl a little later on when I have more time. What a great invention.


  2. Thanks, Simon. The earlier IE version also didn’t work for me at the office (an IE environment), but the Firefox version works beautifully at home (mozilla based Netscape 7.2).

    The new IE works great for me too and I’ll be sure to share it at the office (with due credit to you, Simon!) – Thanks so much for this handy tool!


  3. I L-O-V-E LOVE it!! I’ve tried it and it works great. I’ve blogged about it on our internal blog and I’ve already demonstrated it to some lawyers who are also saying, “COOL!”. Earlier today I had blogged about a case commentary and so I was able to quickly show the lawyers how they can just highlight the case name and click the bloglet to quickly get the full text of the case. Even (in fact, especially) my non-tech-minded lawyers are getting the “cool-factor” of your little bloglet. Thanks, Simon.

  4. Susannah Tredwell

    This works beautifully.

    Thank you.