Legal Research Tools That Fit You Like a Glove

Sunday’s NYT described an innovation at NCSU which permits patrons to construct personal portals that know their habits and interests and sets up personal alerts for the publication of favourite journals.

Which seems like something that we should have had for a while. Why shouldn’t my search engine on CANLII know – and remember – that I’m a lawyer, in Ontario, practising in a big national firm with interests in a number of specific subject areas? Why can’t I programme a bot or some sort of RSS feed to deliver me a sort of personalized law report.

My friends in the Legal Research Network would respond that they want to know about everything and all reports — but then, we’re obsessive researchers. Most lawyers have more defined interests. And that sort of personalized portal might fit their needs.

BTW the NYT largest focus is on the implications for patron privacy of the USA Patriot Act. This is because the personalized portal would heuristically gather information on browsing habits based on observation of preferences.

Does anyone know of work being done in the legal sphere to customize the research experience?

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