Martha Foote

Please welcome Martha Foote to Slaw as an occasional contributor. Martha, a law and business librarian, is, as many of you will know, currently president of the Toronto chapter of the Special Libraries Association.

I look forward to Martha’s special contributions.


  1. Welcome, Martha – please no fashion tips!

  2. Welcome aboard, Martha!

  3. Me too. Welcome! I’ll take fashion tips… not sure what this is about, but I’ll take ’em. :-)

  4. Far be it from me to stray from the fashionistas, but the publications list from Martha looks as if she bids well to add substantive content to this blog:

    Martha Foote
    Manager Business Information Centre
    Sun Life Assurance Co. Canada (Toronto, Ont.)


    The Need for Research in Law Librarianship, 25 CAN. LAW LIBR. 7 (2000).
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