Best Practices for Law Firm Technology Committees

Last week, I sat in on Dennis Kennedy’s video webinar, Best Practices for Law Firm Technology Committees. It was worth it.

The information provided was solid, practical and based on Dennis’s extensive experience with law firms and technology. Not only was the information useful and well-presented, the vehicle for the video conferencing technology provided by Aspen Conferencing was pretty slick, too. This was an excellent way to get the benefits of a superb presentation that I couldn’t have otherwise attended.

Dennis opened with some technology committee horror stories (youch!) and then presented ways to avoid such scenarios. There was a question and answer session at the end of the webinar and I would be surprised if anyone registered didn’t feel inspired and appropriately armed to retool their firm’s own technology committee into something more effective. The line that replays like a mantra for me is “Preventing surprises is job #1”.

With the webinar came a very good 42 page guide to Best Practices for Law Firm Technology Committees. It includes Dennis’s fully annoted Top 10 Tips for Technology Committees as well as some of the following articles that are also available on the internet.

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The Best is the Enemy of the Good: Making Good Technology Choices
Dennis Kennedy’s Legal Technology Predictions for 2006: Small Steps for Most Firms, Giant Leaps for a Few Firms
Rethinking Your Approach to Legal Technology / November 2005
Placing Your Bet on Client-Driven Technologies

Aspen Conferencing has made the replay of Dennis Kennedy’s recent video webinar, Best Practices for Law Firm Technology Committees, available for free viewing here.


  1. We didn’t think Dennis was up to his usual sparkling standard, but that may have been the topic. I never got a clear sense of what the problem was to which he was offering a solution.

  2. I’ve read lots of Dennis’s writing but had never heard him speak before so I can’t comment on that, Simon. The topic was timely for me and I picked up a few tips that I believe will be embraced at our firm right away and will ultimately make our technology decisions run a little more smoothely.