LexisNexis Canada Adds RSS

Connie’s dream of having all the new publisher offerings on a single website may soon be attainable!

Our friend Library Boy is noting the recent addition of RSS Feeds for LexisNexis Canada.

Here’s the full list.

I believe some of these feeds were available previously (What’s New, News Releases, & The Lawyers Weekly) , but some look to be new, and the ‘one-stop-shop’ approach is definitely a nice addition. So… kudos to Lexis for jumping on the RSS Bandwagon!

Who’s next?


  1. When I did my survey in February they had no feeds yet. Thanks for pointing this out, Steve, and for Michel-Adrien for spotting it so quickly! LexisNexis Canada Inc. announced this change in their product demo on Sunday at the CALL conference, and I spoke to them later about it to confirm we would have new titles included in the RSS feeds.

    I’m delighted someone is listening! A few others told me they were getting their IT departments to work on it, so this will be great!