What the Pope Said

I have never had reason to venture to the Vatican Web-site before now, however reading yet more commentary on the Pope’s recent controversial speech I wanted to see the actual text – the official version rather than the myriad extracts that one can read on countless sites, found simply by Googling something like “pope muslims speech”. So I Googled Vatican and readily located the text of the speech, available in several languages. It makes very interesting reading to see what has been reported in the context of the wider speech. The Vatican Web-site itself has a wealth of information and frankly I had to drag myself away from the link titled “Secret Vatican Archives”. I think Dan Brown was there before me though…


  1. I’ve always been amazed by the collections of the Vatican Library, which are probably not as well known as they should be. If you go to the Vatican site and look under Libraries, they have a digital collection of representative manuscripts in the Vatican collection.

    One of these, a 16th manuscript of Justinians Institutes http://bav.vatican.va/en/v_bav/manoscritti/index.shtml
    is interesting in that it relates back to Jordan’s posting of September 27th on the paper-based language of law and legal research. If you look back at older law reports, and compare them to this manuscript, you can clearly see the origin or “noting up” or making “marginal notations” to judgments.

    The term derives from the techology used to transmit the ideas, or as Marshall McLuhan would have it, “the medium is the message”.

  2. What would happen if you did a search for “Freemasons”?
    (sorry couldn’t resist)

    I actually did the search and got 7 results.