New E-Book on Managing a Law Firm

NXTBook publishes ebooks which are wondefully evocative of high production-value print products. Combine that with content from Canada’s leading consultant on managing law firms, and one wonders what could be better. Well the price – is free.

Patrick McKenna has just released his book on the First 100 Days and it’s the sort of thing that all Slaw readers should be drawing to the attention of their organizations.

It’s also commendable that Patrick has committed so strongly to this formatMy one criticism is that italic fonts on faux-lined paper isn’t especially legible.

Makes me wish I hadn’t been quite so hung over as to have missed his dawn speech in Halifax at the Conference Elizabeth just blogged about. Patrick McKenna

Patrick McKenna book


  1. Thanks! The font is *very* difficult to read, but there appears to be a zoom function.


  2. Italics on the web are always hard to read; the anti-aliasing doesn’t work at all well with them. The thing to do if you want to use italics extensiviely online is to use one of the Microsoft typefaces designed specifically for web use, e.g. Verdana and Georgia. Their oblique fonts read better than any others.

  3. Patrick has sent me a note offline to remind me that a simple PDF copy can be downloaded at

    He also said: “What is cool about NXTBooks is that they have a very sophisticated tracking system that allows me to go on their site and determine specifics about how many copies have been downloaded (1842 as of today), by visitors from which countries (55 different countries in total – even one copy downloaded from someone in Bangladesh), and by visitors referred from which blogs (53 came over from David Maister’s site), etc.

    Very impressive technology. The graphics and font shortcomings are my fault”.