Introducing the 2006 CLawBies – Canada Law Blog Awards

In the spirit of the Blawggies and the Blawg Review Awards, our own Steve Matthews has instituted the CLawBies (the Canada Law Blog Awards).

There are eleven CLawby categories:

1) Best Canadian Law Blog (or Blogger) Award
2) Best Practitioner Support Blog
3) Legal Culture Award
4) Non-Legal Audience Award
5) Friend of the North Awards
6) EuroCan Connection Awards
7) Practice Management Award
8) Law Librarian Blog Award
9) Best Legal Technology Blog
10) Best New Law Blog Award
11) Law Professor Blog Award

How many SLAWyers can you find in his list?

Great job on this, Steve!

I must say that, if we were to give out a best Legal Knowledge Management Blog award, my pick would be Steve’s own blog, Vancouver Law Librarian Blog.


  1. Thanks. I was off last week and decided to have some fun. Hopefully it isn’t too Slaw driven.

    If there’s any dissention, let’s hear it! I’d love to see more Canadian law blogs get called out as model efforts.

  2. I thought your picks to be quite well-balanced, and I look forward to perusing those blogs with which I am unfamiliar. Your pick of Michel-Adrien Sheppard’s blog Library Boy is a great one for Law Librarian Blog Award, by the way. He does a fantastic job and doesn’t get enough recognition IMHO.