The Friday Fillip

Summer is miles away still, and Christmas is a fading memory, so we can consider tangled cord with something approaching equanimity. How many hours do we spend picking apart the bunched up cables, carefully threading the plug end through this and that loop only to find to our consternation that we’ve just added another layer of mess to the mess. Not now, though, not in the dead of Feb., when these disentangling hours are to spare. Never fear, I have a solution to this time on your hands: the tying of knots.

knot.pngYes, why not go in reverse, push the river, turn widershins, and so forth?

The go-to site for knotting is Animated Knots. Here you’ll find the carrick bend, the prusik knot, munter mule — all your faves and much, much more, writhing in balletic perfection under your wondering gaze. This will whisk you back to your days in Guides / Brownies / Campfire Girls / Scouts / Cubs / Rangers… what had you. Now you can get that merit badge.

If this is aiming too high to start with, look down at your shoes and then up at Ian’s Shoelace Site, where he’ll regale you with 17 ways to tie those Oxfords.

There’s no limit to where knots can take you. Neckties, fishing lures, nooses, surgery… all require knotting. And all it takes is patience. And readiness to apply the “Alexandrian solution” if things get, well, FUBAR.


  1. Aw shucks, this is the faster way to tie a shoelace
    or have a look at the longer explanation.