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I’m reluctant to introduce commercial content to SLAW; however, I think some kudos should go to Heinonline for some of the excellent work they are doing in building theme related collections of digital documents from disparate library holdings. I know from previous postings on SLAW that some Toronto law firms are considering subscribing to Hein. One of their new releases is the World Trials Collectiosn which they describe in a brief summary as collections of famous trials from libraries around the world, and from antiquarian book dealers, as well as books that analyze and debate famous trials, as well as biographies of some of the greatest trial lawyers in history. It looks very anglo-american, but has some interesting material that is often hard to find outside of major research libraries. They don’t yet have any descriptive content on their website; they list of what the collection includes, which I received from a marketing email is below. As yet, I can’t find any internet content from Google like digital projects that build specific collections this way.

American State Trials; a Collection of the Important and Interesting Criminal Trials Which Have Taken Place in the United States from the Beginning of Our Government to the Present Day
17 v. (1914-1936) Lawson, John Davison (Editor)

Arguments of the Counsel of Joseph Hendrickson, in a Cause Decided in the Court of Chancery of the State of New Jersey, between Thomas L. Shotwell, Complainant, and Joseph Hendrickson and Stacy Decow, Defendants
1 v. (1833) Wood, George; Williamson, Isaac H.

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
1 v. (1901) Oldroyd, Osborn H.

Baby M Case: the Complete Trial Transcripts – Superior Court of New Jersey, Chancery Division, Family Part, Bergen County, Docket No. FM-25324-86E
[217 N.J. Super. 313 (1987)]: Transcript of Proceedings
6 v. (1988) New Jersey. Superior Court. Chancery Division. Family Part.

Black Kalendar of Scotland: Records of Notable Scottish Trials
1 v. (1884) Millar, A. H. (Alexander Hastie).

Case of Sacco and Vanzetti: A Critical Analysis for Lawyers and Laymen
1 v. (1927) Frankfurter, Felix.

Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and Other Crimes and Misdemeanors
33 v., index (1809-1826) Howell, Thomas Bayly (Compiler); Howell,
Thomas Jones (Compiler).

Contempts by Publication: The Law of Trial by Newspaper
3d ed. 1 v. (1941) Sullivan, Harold W. (Harold Wadsworth).

Correct, Full, and Impartial Report, of the Trial of Her Majesty Caroline, Queen Consort of Great Britain: Before the House of Peers; on the Bill of Pains and Penalties; with Authentic Particulars, Embracing Every Circumstance Connected with, and Illustrative of, the Subject of this Momentous Event Interspersed with Original Letters,
and Other Curious and Interesting Documents; Not Generally Known, and Never before Published, including, at Large, Her Majesty’s Defence
1 v. (1820) Adolphus, John (Editor).

Courts and Criminals
1 v. (1922) Train, Arthur.

Criminal Imbecile: An Analysis of Three Remarkable Murder Cases
1 v. (1915) Goddard, Henry Herbert.

Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Animals
1 v. (1906) Evans, E. P. (Edward Payson).

Curious Cases. A Collection of American and English Decisions Selected for Their Readability
1 v. (1902) Milburn, Benjamin Arrell.

Day in Court or the Subtle Arts of Great Advocates
1 v. (1910) Wellman, Francis L.

Death Bed Confessions of the Late Countess of Guernesey, to Lady Anne H : Developing a Series of Mysterious Transactions Connected with the Most Illustrious Personages in the Kingdom: to Which are Added, the Q–‘s Last Letter to the K–, Written a Few Days before Her M–‘s Death, and other Authentic Documents, Never before Published
1 v. (1821).

Dying Address of the Three Thayers, Who Were Executed for the Murder of John Love, at Buffalo, N.Y. June 17th, 1825
1 v. (1825).

Enemies of the State – An Account of the Trials of the Mary Eugenia Surratt Case, the Teapot Dome Cases, the Alphonse Capone Case, the Rosenberg Case
1st ed. 1 v. (1954) Busch, Francis X. (Francis Xavier).

Enquiry into the Extent of the Power of Juries, on Trials of Indictments or Informations, for Publishing Seditious, or Other Criminal Writings, or Libels, Extracted from a Miscellaneous Collection of Papers that Were Published in 1776, Intituled, Additional Papers concerning the Province of Quebec
1 v. (1792) Maseres, Francis.

Famous Judges and Famous Trials
1 v. (1923) Kingston, Charles.

Famous Trials
1 v. (193?) Smith, Fredrick Edwin (The First Earl of Birkenhead).

Famous Trials: The Tichborne Claimant, Troppmann, Prince Pierre Bonaparte, Mrs. Wharton, the Meteor – Mrs. Fair
1 v. (1874) Morse, John T. Jr.

Final Report to the Secretary of the Army on the Nuernberg War Crimes Trials under Control Council Law No. 10
1 v. (1849) Taylor, Telford; Germany (Territory under Allied occupation, 1945-1955 – U.S. Zone). Office of Military Government. Office, Chief of Counsel for War Crimes.

Full Report of the Trial and Conviction of the Reverend Washington Van Zandt
1 v. (1842) M’Kenzie, W. L.

Guilty or Not Guilty? An Account of the Trials of the Leo Frank Case, the D.C. Stephenson Case, the Samuel Insull Case, the Alger Hiss Case
1 v. (1952) Busch, Francis X. (Francis Xavier)

History of Trial By Jury
1 v. (1875) Forsyth, William.

Holmes-Pollock Letters: The Correspondence of Mr. Justice Holmes and Sir Frederick Pollock 1874-1932
2 v. (1942) Holmes, Oliver Wendell; Pollock, Frederick; Howe, Mark De Wolfe (Editor).

How to Prepare a Case for Trial: A Brief Treatise Arranged on an Elementary Plan to Assist the Novice in the Preparation of the Most Difficult Lawsuit for Trial
1 v. (1916) Longenecker, Rolla Rudolph.

Instructions and Requests for Instructions from the Court to the Jury in Jury Trials
1 v. (1881) Sackett, Frederick.

Ireland Vindicated
1 v. (1847) O’Connell, Daniel.

Judicial Murder of Mary E. Surratt
1 v. (1895) DeWitt, David Miller.

Kaleidoscope of Justice: Containing Authentic Accounts of Trial Scenes from All Times and Climes
1 v. (1941) Wigmore, John Henry.

Kemmler, William vs. Durston, Charles F. Supreme Court … The People of the State of New York, ex rel, William Kemmler against Charles F. Durston, as Warden of the State Prison at Auburn, N.Y.
2 v. (1889).

Last Days, Death, Funeral Obsequies, etc. of Her Late Majesty Caroline, Queen Consort of Great Britain: Embracing a Full and Impartial Narrative of Every Circumstance Connected with that Memorable Event. Being a Continuation of The Royal Martyr or Memoirs of Queen Caroline
1 v. (1822) Adolphus, John.

Law of New Trials, and Other Rehearings; Including Writs of Error, Appeals etc.
1 v. (1872) Hilliard, Francis.

Law Reports of Trials of War Criminals
15 v. (1947-1949) United Nations War Crimes Commission.

Life, Condemnation, Dying Address, and Trial of the Three Thayers. Who were Executed for the Murder of John Love, at Buffalo, N.Y. June 17th,1825
2d ed. 1 v. (1825?).

Life, Trial, Condemnation, and Dying Address, of the Three Thayers! Who were Executed for the Murder of John Love, at Buffalo, N.Y., June 17, 1825
1st ed. 1 v. (1825?).

Lives and Criminal Trials of Celebrated Men
1 v. (1835) Jardine, David.

Marital Power Exemplified in Mrs. Packard’s Trial, and Self-defence from the Charge of Insanity; or Three Years’ Imprisonment for Religious Belief, by the Arbitrary Will of a Husband, with an Appeal to the Government to so Change the Laws as to Protect the Rights of Married Women
1 v. (1866) Packard, E. P. W. (Elizabeth Parsons Ware)

Max D. Steuer, Trial Lawyer
1 v. (1950) Steuer, Aron.

Modern Jury Trials and Advocates: Containing Condensed Cases, with Sketches and Speeches of American Advocates; the Art of Winning Cases and Manner of Counsel Described, with Notes and Rules of Practice 4th, rev. and enl. 1 v. (1908) Donovan, Joseph Wesley.

Modern State Trials – Revised and Illustrated with Essays and Notes
2 v. (1850) Townsend, William C.

Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression
12 v. (1946-1948) Office of United States Chief of Counsel.

New-York City-hall Recorder
6 v. (1817-1822) Rogers, Daniel (Editor).

Notable Libel Case – The Criminal Prosecution of Theodore Lyman Jr. by Daniel Webster in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts November Term 1828
1 v. (1904) Benton, Josiah H. Jr.

Official Report of the Trial of Henry K. Goodwin for the Murder of Albert D. Swan, in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts
1 v. (1887) Yerrinton, J. M. W. (James Manning Winchell); Massachusetts. Supreme Judicial Court.

Practical Treatise on the Settling of Evidence for Trials at Nisi Prius; and on the Preparing and Arranging the Necessary Proofs 2d. with additions & corrections.
1 v. (1825) Espinasse, Isaac.

Precedents of Indictments and Pleas, Adapted to the Use Both of the Courts of the United States and Those of All the Several States
1 v. (1849) Wharton, Francis.

Principles of Judicial Proof as Given by Logic, Psychology, and General Experience and Illustrated in Judicial Trials
1 v. (1918) Wigmore, John Henry (Compiler).

Prisoners at the Bar – An Account of the Trials of, the William Haywood Case, the Sacco-Vanzetti Case, the Loeb-Leopold Case, the Bruno Hauptmann Case
1st ed. 1 v. (1952) Busch, Francis X. (Francis Xavier).

Remarkable Trials of all Countries: Particularly of the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, and France, with Notes and Speeches of Counsel: Containing Thrilling Narratives of Fact from the Courtroom, also Historical Reminiscences of Wonderful Events
1 v. (1867) Dunphy, Thomas (Compliler); Cummins, Thomas J. (Compiler).

Reports of Criminal Trials in the Circuit, State and United States Courts, Held in Richmond, Virginia
1 v. (1851) Howison, Robert R. (Robert Reid).

Reports of State Trials
New Series. 8 v. (1888-1898) Macdonell, John; Wallis, John E. P. (John Edward Power).

Sixty Famous Cases
10 v. (1956) Van Winkle, Marshall.

Success in Court
1 v. (1941) Wellman, Francis L. (Francis Lewis).

They Escaped the Hangman – An Account of the Trials of the Caleb Powers Case, the Rice-Patrick Case, the Hall-Mills Case, the Hans Haupt Case
1st ed. 1 v. (1953) Busch, Francis X. (Francis Xavier).

Treatise on Trial by Jury, Including Questions of Law and Fact. With an Introductory Chapter on the Origin and History of Jury Trial
1 v. (1877) Proffatt, John.

Trial by Jury
1 v. (1966) Devlin, Patrick.

Trial by Jury: A Brief Review of Its Origin, Development and Merits and Practical Discussions on Actual Conduct of Jury Trials
1 v. (1922) Von Moschzisker, Robert.

Trial Evidence. The Rules of Evidence Applicable on the Trial of Civil Actions (Including Both Causes of Action and Defenses) at Common Law, in Equity, and under the Codes of Procedure
1 v. (1881) Abbott, Austin.

Trial of Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, before the Senate of the United States, on Impeachment by the House of Representatives for High Crimes and Misdemeanors
3 v. (1868) United States. 40th Congress, 2nd session, Senate.; Poore,Benjamin Perley (Editor).

Trial of Edward Marcus Despard, Esquire for High Treason, at the Session House, Newington, Surry
1 v. (1803) Gurney, Joseph (Compiler); Gurney, William Brodie (Compiler).

Trial of German Major War Criminals, by the International Military Tribunal Sitting at Nuremberg, Germany (Commencing 20th November, 1945)
4 bks. in 1 v. (1946) International Military Tribunal.

Trial of Israel Thayer, Jr. Isaac Thayer, and Nelson Thayer, for the Murder of John Love, at the Court of Oyer and Terminer of Erie County, at the Court House in Buffalo, on the 21st, 22d, and 23d Days of April, 1825; before His Honor, Reuben H. Walworth, Circuit Judge, For the Fourth Circuit
2d ed., enl. 1 v. (1825) Sheldon, James.

Trial of Professor John W. Webster, for the Murder of Doctor George Parkman
1 v. (1850) Massachusetts. Supreme Judicial Court.; New York Daily Globe.

Trial of the Major War Criminals before the International Military Tribunal – Nuremberg 14 November 1945–1 October 1946
42 v. (1947-1949) International Military Tribunal.

Trial Transcript Leopold and Loeb
7 v. (1924) Illinois. Criminal Court. Cook County.

Trials of War Criminals before the Nuernberg Military Tribunals under Control Council Law No. 10, Nuernberg, October 1946–April, 1949
15 v. (1946-1953) Germany (Territory under Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone).

Trials per Pais, or, the Law of England Concerning Juries by Nisi Prius, &c. with a Compleat Treatise of the Law of Evidence, Precedents, and Forms of Challenges,
Demurrers upon Evidence, Bills of Exception, Pleas Puis le Darrein Continuance &c.
6th ed., with large additions. 1 v. (1725) Duncombe, Giles.

Trials per Pais: Or, the Law of England Concerning Juries by Nisi Prius, &c. with a Compleat Treatise of the Law of Evidence, Collected from all the Books of reports; Together with Precedents, and Forms of Challenges, Demurrers upon Evidence, Bills of Exception, Please Puis le Darrein Continuance &c.
8th ed., with large additions. 2 v. (1766) Duncombe, Giles.

Uncommon Law
1 v. (1936) Herbert, A. P. (Alan Patrick).

Whole Proceedings on the Trial of Indictment against Thomas Walker of Manchester, Merchant, Samuel Jackson, James Cheetham, Oliver Pearsal, Benjamin Booth, and Joseph Collier, for a Conspiracy to Overthrow the Constitution and Government, and to Aid and Assist the French, (being the King’s Enemies) in Case They Should Invade This Kingdom, Tried at the Assizes at Lancaster, April 2, 1794, before the Hon. Mr. Justice Heath, One of the Judges of His Majesty’s Court of Common Pleas
1 v. (1794) Gurney, Joseph (Court Reporter).

World’s Most Famous Court Trial, Tennessee Evolution Case; a Complete Stenographic Report of the Famous Court Test of the Tennessee Anti-evolution Act, at Dayton, July 10 to 21, 1925, including Speeches and Arguments of Attorneys
1 v. (1925).


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