The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has approved the .asia top-level domain. (CNET’s News.com has the story.) It will be managed by DotAsia Organization, located in Hong Kong.

Last month the Board of ICANN voted to reject the .xxx domain application. A transcript of that meeting is available. It actually makes interesting reading.

icann.pngOn a different note, when researching this I wound up on the ICANN site at the page you see in thumbnail to your left. (Click on it to see it full size.) What’s notable is that there was no way back to the main page: none of the words or images was a hyperlink home. And this is the organization that in one sense, at least, controls the web. Dot oops, I’d say.


  1. Is your back button disabled or something? ;-) These are IP geeks Simon, I doubt they’re taking any web usability or design courses. Completely different type of geeks from you and I…

    The link you posted on the xxx TLD was interesting. While I didn’t get all the way through, I did realize that I was missing a major point — that adult content wouldn’t be (and couldn’t be) relegated to that TLD. Only that the new TLD would be some sort of quality assurance on adult content (???). Sounds strange, and that the ICANN decision was probably a good one.