Rethinking Associations

Along with my other life changes, my 2007-08 campaign will also include a new role, that of VALL President. While I’ve done my stint as the co-chair for BCLMA’s KM group, this is actually the first time I’ve led a larger Association — a little over 100 members. I know, I know, nothing like stringing all your ‘firsts’ together!!

Now I know many of you have played this role, and some of you many times. So let me ask, what really shakes things up in a modern Association? I’m just back from an Executive changeover meeting, and these are some of the changes we talked about:

  • A revamp of the website from static form to community portal (who me? go figure?…)
  • Changing the Association logo, updating the look
  • Instituting Achievement & Recognition Awards
  • Pushing for smaller contributions and getting more people involved
  • A workshop or bootcamp training session for members
  • Changing up the meeting locations, particularly for special events
  • Smaller informal meetings – social or special interest topics
  • A salary survey
  • More mentoring opportunities

What I’m looking for is a homerun, something that’s made an impression on you. What’s changed the fabric of an Association you’ve belonged to, or led, and what was the ‘secret sauce’ to get there?

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