Looking Inside With XRAY

Unless you’re someone who builds or modifies web pages, you can unfurrow that brow and relax into a “what will they think of next” state of mild wonder. And until they think of that next thing, XRAY is worth a look. It’s a patch of JavaScript, acting as a bookmarklet, that takes the source code and css of the page you’re on in your browser, sends it back to the home planet from where a small window is sent to overlie your browser window: click on any area in your browser and that area’s bone structure, so to speak, is revealed in the small window. The screenshot of Slaw’s current main page below makes clear what I mean; I’ve asked XRAY to focus on the word “About”:


This marvelous tool is a creation of WestCiv, an Australian based company that has a long history (as these things go) of making great style sheet tools. Not for the idly curious, I suppose, but for anyone who’s struggled with the making of a web page, this is a real boon.


  1. Tested it. Not convinced. Does not send enough info on the style sheet behind. Need to get a bigger picture.

    To me, it is a very small tool designed to get you into buying the whole thing (Style Master). Un “gadget” as we say in French.