CANLII Tops Up Ontario Based SCC Decisions

Today’s press release:

Dear users,

The Law Foundation of Ontario has funded a large project to extend the historical coverage of CanLII’s case law databases. This project’s first results are already available to our users. All Supreme Court of Canada decisions originating from Ontario back to 1876 are now published on CanLII in searchable HTML and PDF-image format.

The project’s next phase will bring you all Court of Appeal for Ontario decisions that were appealed at the Supreme Court of Canada. In a third phase, CanLII will publish all reported Ontario Superior Court of Justice cases back to 1994. This effort will be completed by May 2008 and will result in nearly 8,000 landmark cases on CanLII.

CanLII wishes to sincerely thank the Law Foundation of Ontario and the Supreme Court of Canada for making this project possible.

Ivan Mokanov
for CanLII

Does anyone know if other provincial Law Foundations are supporting CANLII in the same way?

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