New Technology at Demo 08

Demo 08, a show for new tech products, is going on right now, and some of the stuff on display looks pretty interesting. Here’s a taste of 10 new items to look out for. Here are a few of my personal favourites.

The Pulse Smartpen allows you to take notes (on a special notebook) while it records what’s going on. You can simply tap your notes to replay what was recorded at the moment you wrote that part. Of course, you can upload both your notes and the recording to your computer as well.

Another technology, this one a search service called Jondange, tries to track feelings and opinions expressed about products and brands online over time. I can’t help but wonder whether the same technology could be put to use in legal research, helping you go beyond what you can accomplish with a simple keyword search.

And finally, a new front in the copyright protection war. Eyealike is developing software that can sniff out protected videos that are being made available online without permission. I guess Youtube can expect more take-down requests to start coming in.

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