(Belated) Happy Birthday to Us

By two days we missed an auspicious anniversary. On July 8, 2005, Slaw was loosed upon an unsuspecting readership.

Eagle eyed readers will note 3,108 posts and 4,100 comments((We’re getting almost as wordy as some of the SCC judgments)).

Shoutouts to (the other) Simon for leadership, tech support at all hours, and 1,037 posts. He has been indefatigable.

To Connie (264) and Steve (138) for shouldering a load and keeping Slaw vibrant. And to all other of the regular posting crew – happily too many for me to cut and paste easily, thank you, for keeping us interesting and intellectually alive.

To all our contributors, commentators, lurkers, readers and enthusiasts, our thanks for all of your interest and support.

Now …



  1. That completely slipped past me, too! Happy Birthday, fellow Slaw-yers and especially to all our fine readers. Without you we are nothing. :-)