Source for Finding Law Firm Newsletters

Fee Fie Foe Firm Canada is a new custom search engine in beta for searching across Canadian law firm websites.

It indexes content from all manner of law firms, big and small. This includes practice group and individual profiles, press releases, news releases, case analysis, and publications such as newsletters.

I have commented on the Library Boy blog on a few other sources for finding law firm newsletters:

[Source: British Columbia Courthouse Library Society]


  1. Thanks! I like the look of it. Have you tried it out?

    On a related note, for a while I was receiving a trial email subscription to PinHawk‘s Canadian law news service. It had daily headlines from newspapers, law firm websites, blogs and other sources. I didn’t subscribe because it was pointing me to free sources including Slaw and my own blog. Just wondering if anyone else received it, was subscribing?

  2. Actually, Ted Tjaden should be commenting but he did develop a customized Google search engine which did just this. And I still use it monthly.

  3. Like Ted, I also made one using Google Custom Search for my own use a couple years ago — and still use it all the time.

    Fee Fie Foe Firm seems virtually the same (as far as I can tell, it IS the same – built with GSE), only with a slicker interface. And advertising :)

    I’ll be curious to see how much value the editors of the site can add with their “refinement tags” for people, expertise, publications, and media releases (see, which apparently are coming soon.