Intranet 2.0 – Who Owns It?

For my first post, I’ll keep it brief. We’re in the early stages of planning our second Intranet project, using SharePoint 2007. With a renewed focus on the importance of customization, effective search, intuitive navigation, and metrics, we’re clear on the new direction we want to take. What’s not clear at this point is governance – who should own it? Library/KM? IT? Administration? Everyone? Who “owns” the Intranet in your firm?


  1. At WSIAT, a multidisciplinary team in Information Services is responsible for the design of the architecture of our portal. We also pursue content, which is created by subject-matter experts in the business areas of the Tribunal. It takes a little while for them to get used to blogging instead of sending e-mail, but once they get used to it, it’s brilliant!