Rate Your Firm’s Professional Service

It’s report card time (in Ontario primary schools at least), so why don’t we talk about some client service report cards for you and your firm.

My SLAW post last week was about the importance of keeping your clients happy, and how a post matter client survey (a sample survey is here) is one of the best ways to collect information about what clients thought about the services you provided.

Building on what I said last week, a look in the mirror can help as well. The Managing a Better Professional Services Firm Booklet I mentioned last week also contained (at page 4) a self-assessment that evaluates the level of professional service you and your firm currently provide clients. It asks you to rate yourself on 20 areas pertaining to client service. It focuses more on firm practices, processes and operations.

A little self-reflection is always a good thing. Take the self-evaluation to find our how your client service measures up, and to identify areas you can improve. Working hard to get and keep your clients happy is important as you want to retain them as clients of your firm (especially in tougher economic times when you don’t want to lose a good client), and putting my LAWPRO hat on, to help you avoid a malpractice claim – remember that a happy client is less likely to sue you.

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