Lawyers Surviving the Slide: Dealing With a Tough Economy

The latest issue of LAWPRO Magazine just hit the streets, and we focused on helping lawyers get through difficult economic times.

Our cover story, Surviving the slide: What Firms Should (And Shouldn’t) Do To Ride Out The Economic Storm, is a roundtable discussion with four of the world’s top experts on law firm management and operations (Gerry Riskin, Merrilyn Tarlton, Ed Flitton, and Karen MacKay). In this discussion they share their insights and tips on leadership, marketing, client relationships, law firm finances and technology in tough times. It is an amazing discussion (we actually taped it) and when the transcript of the call came back there was far more than we could fit in the magazine. There was so much valuable content that we decided to post the full roundtable discussion on the web. I strongly recommend you take the time to read the full version.

The two other feature articles address How To Build And Retain A Better Clientele, something that is more important than ever when money is tight for lawyers and their clients; and, How To Innovate In Trying Times By Selecting And Implementing The Right Legal Technologies.

LAWPRO Magazine Surviving the Slide cover

In this issue we also included an article focuses on Fraud on the inside: What to do when partners, associates or staff commit fraud. Think it won’t happen to you? Think again. We have seen some very significant and costly LAWPRO claims involving frauds by longstanding and most-trusted employees. Tough times can push people over the edge. This articles explains why the most trusted members of your firm sometimes turn to fraud, how can you spot these frauds, and what do you do once you’ve discovered the fraud. It is a must read for every lawyer.

You can find the complete Surviving the Slide issue here, and a full archive of articles from all past issues of LAWPRO Magazine here, and a full listing of articles from LAWPRO Magazine as well as other claims prevention resources arranged by topic here.

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