A Technology Project for the LCO?

An explicit aspect of the Law Commission of Ontario’s mandate is to “consider technology as a means to enhance access to justice”. I see this aspect of our mandate as something we should incorporate into all our projects, although the odd one may not call for it (we did not consider it in our pensions project, for example, which was narrowly defined). But it is obviously an invitation to undertake a project specifically focused on technology and the justice system. As a group devoted to technology and the law, Slaw bloggers are a prime resource for project ideas for this part of our mandate, so ….

If you have any thoughts about project related to “technology as a means to enhance access to justice,” please send them to me at the LCO. I’m looking for something that will take about a year to do, from the beginning to the release of the final report and therefore the project needs to be focused. I suspect, therefore, that the need to enhance “access to legal information” is too big right now.

To start, I just need a couple of pages that will set out the thrust of the proposed project, why it needs to be done and why the LCO is the right entity to do it. Additional information is always helpful (discussion of other jurisdictions, useful sources of research are just two examples), but not necessary, although we may follow up to ask for more. (For more detailed guidelines on submitting a proposal, see http://www.lco-cdo.org/en/Proposals.html).


  1. I’m interested in this topic as well. The South Carolina Access to Justice Commission is always on the lookout for new ways to enhance access to justice. Technology offers a lot of low-cost alternatives IF the public will use them. Would you be willing to publish some of these suggestions? If not, would you be willing to share offline? Thanks. -RFW

  2. You might want to look at these materials associated with the Washington State Access to Justice Technology Principles, passed by Court Order by that State’s Supreme Court. http://atjweb.org/.