Shazam iPhone App and Piracy

Music producers are finally fighting piracy the right way – through convenience.

The new free iPhone app, Shazam, recognizes songs and tells you where you can buy it from. It also provides information about the artists and the album, directs users to reviews, and gives you song lyrics.

The advantage with this is that it allows users to pick the song off television, radio, or movies, puts them directly in touch with valuable services, and seeks to commercialize off of it.

If these services prove to be more convenient than users having to search the web for all of this information independently they may choose the pay option for obtaining the song, if the cost of purchase is reasonably low enough.

You can see the Shazam advertisement here.

A fringe benefit is that you could probably hum the lyrics David Bilinsky is always citing on Slaw and finally figure out what song it is.


  1. No matter how convenient it is, generally people are still going to default to downloading it for free from a peer to peer. Free is free afterall…I can’t imagine how any artist can still make it in the music business these days.

  2. all goes in circles. once upon a time music was free for all (except for symphonies which just catered to the rich). Musicians would just pass around the hat. nothing wrong with that i say–and u can always still make money in a concert.
    Who says musicians have to be millionaires (or actors for that matter).