Legal Informatics Resources

Thanks to a tweet by Stephane Cottin (@cottinstef), I’ve found a catalogue of resources on legal informatics — “legal information systems. . . a research area within the disciplines of information science and computer science.” Legal Information Systems & Legal Informatics Resources by Robert Richards contains a hoard of links and references to material that is mostly beyond my ability to understand. But for those of you trained in information science, this should be a useful resource.

Despite my relative ignorance, I’ve found that some of what Richards offers is stimulating and informative even for me. For example, I was just musing the other day about whether it wouldn’t be possible — and sensible — to construct a digital record of published music such that a composer could easily discover whether a melodic line had already been taken, as it were. Richardson’s blog, I discover, has a recent post that points me to a paper on “Music Plagiarism and the Predictive Value of Similarity Algorithms.” And on the What’s New page, I found a link to a thesis [PDF] that “explores some of the existing boundaries between Law, Knowledge Management, and Artificial Intelligence” with the aim of “modelling legal knowledge through ontologies,” feeding my fascination with the problem of organizing everything.

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