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Google Mobile GPS Services With Crowdsourcing

Just like Google’s Street View feature, which followed a Canadian launch after being tested in the American market, Google introduced this month traffic levels for major Canadian cities after almost three years of use in the U.S. In the past week the service was extended from mobile devices to web browsing as well. has offered much more limited traffic features for several years, but nothing even close to the level of detail or interactivity provided by Google.

Late this summer Google had expanded the service to include arterial roads, which was a major complaint among American users. They also . . . [more]

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Grotius, Selden and 400 Years of Controversy

How young has a major contributor to the law been? I’d argue the case of a brilliant 21 year old Dutch student.

Over at the Yale Law Library Blog, a great exhibition on the four hundredth anniversary of the publication of Hugo GrotiusMare Liberum, (“On the Freedom of the Seas“) – or Huig de Groot if you dislike Latinization. Originally published as a pamphlet, it produced the first effective argument for the freedom of the seas and, with Grotius’s more mature work, De jure belli ac pacis (1625), lent substance and prestige to the idea . . . [more]

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